Compressed Air Filter 

Air filters serve a relatively common purpose. As air containing various particles and debris flows through them, they trap and collect the particles to clean the airflow. However, different types of filters accomplish this task in different ways, depending on what type of particles you need to filter out of the airflow. Some pick up wet particles, some target dry particles, and some types can even remove fumes and odors.

Compressed Air Contaminants

Water Vapor

Water occurs naturally in the air as vapor and some of it is carried into the compressed air. With high humidity in workrooms and other gases from the compaction process, particles can potentially cause problems with continued exposure.

Oil and Lubricant

Oil particles are also widespread in compressed air. However, how much you spend depends on the type of machine used, its make, age and general condition.

Dust and Dirt Particles

All air contains a small amount of dirt and dust, but their location can affect the type of particles that travel through your compressor. For example, if your facility or construction site handles metals or building materials, particles from these items may become entrained in the airflow while you are using the compressor.If left in your airstream, these materials can damage air tools and pose health hazards to your employees.


Many of the dirt particles in compressed air can cause microorganisms to grow in the pipes when mixed with residual water and oil. Bacteria and viruses can multiply under these conditions and further contaminate the air coming out of your pneumatic equipment.

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