Supply of Air Compressor Parts and Repair Kits


At Air Innovations, we import and locally manufacture all internal rotating and aero parts for air compressors, including bearings, gasket kits and intercoolers.

We also supply air-dryers, filtration and reciprocating and rotary screw compressors. We are constantly adding new resources to offer you the widest selection.

We manufacture and supply compressor parts and repair kits. This allows us to keep thousands of spare parts in stock, offering you the fastest shipping and most competitive price on parts for air compressors.

We are the sole distributors of Case Controls in South Africa and supply Centac parts and spares. We carry hundreds of replacement Centac air compressor parts from the hard-to-find, to the most common.

This includes:

- Air filters

- Oil filters

- Complete rebuild kits

- Individual spare parts

We are fully able to refurbish parts for air compressors and provide genuine replacement parts. We supply complete diffusers & rotor assemblies for all makes of compressors. We also supply seals and bearings, heat exchangers and Centac parts.

Our major products include:

- Impellers in 17-4 and 15.5 PH Stainless Steel

- Inlet Rings, Back Plates and Scroll Plates

- Control Valves and Instrumentation

- Oil and Air Filters

- PLC controls and SCADA Systems

- Vibration monitoring equipment

- New and refurbished compressors

- Cooling Towers and pumpsView more of our Air Compressor Parts

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