Rebuilt vs. Remanufactured Compressors

When rebuilding a compressor, the air conditioning and refrigeration compressor parts are cleaned, repaired, or partially rebuilt to meet the initial mechanical tolerances. If a component cannot be repaired or rebuilt because it is too worn, the rebuilder will use a similar part from another used compressor. As a result, the components in a rebuilt compressor might be worn to different degrees. This can increase friction between the moving parts of the unit. Increased friction can lead to hot spots and excessive wear, which will eventually cause the compressor to fail prematurely.

Conversely, the term “remanufactured” means that the compressor has been completely remanufactured to meet the standards of a new unit, for all practical purposes. In addition to cleaning and replacing old components with new items—which means that all mechanical tolerances are brought up to the latest OEM standards—a remanufactured compressor can be upgraded with new technology to improve its energy efficiency, performance, and durability. 

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