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Industrial Air Compressors are far stronger than their domestic counterparts. An Industrial Air Compressor is a device that converts power from a motor or engine into pressurised air that can be used for a variety of purposes. As the Industrial Air Compressor runs, it pumps compressed air into a storage tank and the compressor shuts off automatically when the tank reaches its upper limit. The kinetic energy of the compressed air as it’s emptied in the tank can be used in a variety of applications. Industrial Air Compressors can be ranged according to the pressure delivered.

Centac Air Compressor Parts

Industrial Air Compressors would eventually require Industrial Air Compressor Parts. At Air Innovations, we have the Industrial Air Compressor Parts you’re looking for. We carry spares of all major compressor brands and we also service compressors in our fully equipped workshop. Industrial Air Compressor Parts such as air and oil filters, bearings, gasket kits and intercoolers are available at very competitive prices. Apart from Industrial Air Compressor Parts, we also stock complete diffusers and rotor assemblies for all air compressor makes and models.

Our Industrial Air Compressor Parts meet and exceed all types of specification and quality standards. We also offer new or rebuilt air dryers, reciprocating and rotary screw compressors.


Industrial Air Compressor Parts | Air Innovations
Industrial Air Compressor Parts | Air Innovations

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